About the company


JFPE is a consulting and planning company in the field of fire protection engineering, with experience of working on over 1,000 projects. The company works with many and diverse customers, and provides consulting services for all kinds of projects: private, governmental, public, commercial, various industries and more.

JFPE was established in 2001 by engineer Jacob Friedman.

In addition to planning and consulting in the field of Fire Protection the company specializes in performing CFD (Computational Fluids Dynamics) fire dynamic simulations and computerized egress simulations for public halls, parking lots, malls, atriums, car and train tunnels, and other complexed structures that require more meticulous planning to ensure the installation of minimal smoke control systems required for saving lives, all while saving the customer's budget by preventing the use of unnecessary systems while maintaining life-saving requirements.

Site supervision is carried out starting from the early stages of the construction, and complete and professional continuous responses to the project's management is provided.

As an integral part of the work process, the company conducts acceptance supervision with the fire authorities, while providing professional solutions if necessary, in order to obtain the necessary permits for occupancy according to the required schedules.


In addition, the company specializes in accessibility design of complexed buildings according to Israeli regulations and standards, including approval of buildings, Infrastructure and landscape accessibility and approval of the service accessibility.

JFPE is one of the largest and most professional companies in its field in Israel. It has a computerized library which centralizes everything related to the professional and advanced literature of this field in Israel and around the world. This library is updated online and adjusts itself to the development in the field of fire protection engineering.

The pursuit of excellence and customer service are top priorities that are rooted in the company's employees and are implemented in practice. The company provides service both in Hebrew and English, and is committed to providing a professional and reliable service to the satisfaction of its customers.



Company Management




ג'קי פרידמן - בעלים ונשיא

Jacob Friedman- Owner

  • Jacob holds an M.S. degree in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland, USA, and a B.Sc. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

  • Jacob holds professional licenses as a registered and licensed Fire Protection Engineer in Israel, a licensed Professional Engineer - PE in VA, USA, as well as  a Certified Accessibility Consultant .

  • Jacob has experience in the field of Fire Protection Engineering since 1994 continuously!
  • Jacob is active in various committees including the Safety and Escape Committee for writing Regulations, Standards Committees in the Israeli Standards Institute and other committees with the Fire and Rescue Department.
  • Jacob serves as the head of the fire protection chapter at the ACIE – Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers, Chairman of the Association of Fire Protection Engineers at the Association at the IOCEA - Israeli Organizations of Consulting Engineers Architects and as the Chairman of the Israel chapter of the Organization of World Fire Protection Engineers - SFPE - Israel Chapter.


אלי אייסן - מנכ

Eli Aisen- CEO

  • Eli joined JFPE in 2008 as a Project Manager and Senior Designer.
  • When he joined the company he brought with him extensive experience in the design of public buildings, Assembly buildings and sports buildings.
  • He was a partner in fire protection planning in the company's diversed and complexed projects.
  • Since 2015 Eli has served as the Company's VP and in 2020 Eli became the Company's CEO.
  • Eli holds academic degrees in Economics, Management and Architecture.
  • Eli is a member of the Fire Protection Chapter at the ACIE – Israeli Association of Construction & Infrastructure Engineers.
  • Eli is approved by the Ministry of Labor as a Sports Events Safety Manager.



אורית פרידמן - יועצת נגישות

Orit Friedman -

Accessibility consultant

  • Orit joined JFPE in 2003, after working as a Certified Physical Therapist in Israel and in the United States for 6 years.
  • She currently serves as an Accessibility Consultant for people with disabilities and has worked in this field since its early stages in Israel.
  • Orit is a Certified Service Accessibility Consultant and holds a B.Pt degree in Physical Therapy, both from Tel Aviv University.
  • Over the years, she underwent training and gained extensive experience, while integrating professional knowledge from the field of Physical Therapy. Currently, Orit consults in challenging and complexed projects.